Technical Lead

  • Grepthor is looking for an experienced technical team leader who wants to build and lead a high performing team to create great products for Microsoft data professionals.
  • Technical leads at Grepthor are key to the success of our teams and the quality of the products we sell. The role requires a mix of skills; team leadership, hands-on programming, technical leadership, people management and customer focus.
  • As a Technical Lead you’ll help shape our products and drive the delivery of valuable software to our customers. You’ll apply agile and lean principles to incrementally release new and improved capabilities, respond to feedback frequently and adapt our approach. To ensure we build the right things, our teams regularly engage and collaborate with customers and you’ll need to be comfortable talking to users of our products, both in research calls and face-to-face conversations.
  • As a Technical Lead, you’ll have overall responsibility for the software delivered by your team in terms of product quality and technical quality. You’ll be deeply technical and able to guide your team through engineering challenges and decision making. You’ll be a role model for the software engineers in your team, supporting them in the improvement of their development skills while also providing a hands-on contribution of excellent code to your product.
  • You’ll build a team with clarity of purpose, autonomy within your team’s responsibilities and a drive to continuously improve toward Grepthor vision for great development teams. Technical Leads at Grepthor embody a servant leadership approach, meaning you’ll serve the people you lead rather than direct them. You’ll feel a sense of achievement from unlocking the potential and ingenuity in your team, helping them achieve great things.
  • We won’t lie to you, being a Technical Lead at Grepthor is a challenging role, but it’s also a ridiculously rewarding and fulfilling one. You won’t be on your own, as you will be able to call on support from agile and quality coaches, product leadership and engineering leadership. You will work alongside one of our development leads who will aim to help you every step of the way as you develop into your new role.

Responsibilities of the back end can include

  • Define and coordinate the technical tasks for the development of the software and/or interfaces
  • Assist in budget for internal hardware/software
  • Create/Manage architecture diagrams/plans
  • Work with vendors
  • Serve as the interface between the developers and the project manager
  • Act as a mentor for the developers on the team
  • Has strong technical skills and often develops the architecturally significant components of the software system and/or interfaces
  • Ensure all the developers understand the big picture because their work has implications
  • Know the status of the developer’s work and detect slippage
  • Communicate technical issues/decisions effectively to PM and Sponsor by using business terms